Garden State

Garden State

Grade/Lit Connection
12 - The Stranger Extentialism

Type of Objectionable Material
"F" used 42 times, use of drugs without consequences, total breast nudity, peeping Tom's, wants to see man cum ( only part that is sub titled) copulation shown from the behind (anal copulation), the word 'titty' used, drugs with smiley faces on the pill, mom smokes bong  with son and refills it

Teacher Provided Curriculum Connection
To support and reinforce our study of existentialist literture, Zach Braff's 2004 film Garden State will be viewed.  This film portrays the existentialist concern of humanity's very being and its perpetual, anguished struggle to exist.  The character of Andrew Largeman, the film's protagonist, represents postmodern society's shaping of art.  Gone are the days of the super hero who neatly ties up all of the loose ends, winning the girl, destroing the antagonist, and saving the world.  Garden State also highlights the rise of the anti-hero as a response to the traditional, modernist mndset and depicts th struggle of individuals to define themselves through responsible individual action.    

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